My Story

Welcome to Jay Reece Photography, I am a native Detroit area Photographer who loves all things sneaker, street wear and travel related. My story starts with creativity; I am a very creative person who needed an outlet. I excel at problem solving thanks to my background in Information Technology. My approach is to find the best solution to almost any problem that I am faced with. If you mix Style with Creativity, sprinkle in the ability to adapt and solve any problem, then you get me, Jay Reece.

I started Photography as a way to express myself creatively while continuing to grow and develop my own style. I started to excel at an advanced rate, which made me realize this was something I was born to do; quite possibly my calling. As I continue to push my style forward, I realized I am drawn to studio lighting and colors. I shoot multiple styles of photography, but currently my niche is Portraits, Fashion, Commercial, Travel & Street Photography.

Photography has opened many doors for me and unlocked a creative part of my brain which allows me to really push my creative envelope. My photo sessions are filled with laughter, and great music which allows the subject to have fun, feel free, and really enjoy themselves. I believe the key to a good photo is a good connection. My process begins with typically a consultation so I can get as much info as I need to meet your photography desires